Wednesday, September 27, 2006

US official (dealing with Iraq) David Sutterfield (what ever happened to his reported links to the AIPAC spy scandal?) was on AlJazeera today. If he did not appear via satellite, he was about to punch the anchorman and anchorwoman who interviewed him. They did a great job. He dared to invoke the mantra about the need to end the intervention in Iraq affairs by Iraq's neighbors. Lina Zahr Ad-Din dared to ask him about intervention by the US, and why intervention by US is not considered intervention? There was a few seconds silence at that. The other anchorperson asked him about the daily death toll in Iraq, and Sutterfield blamed (the very dead) Zarqawi for that. Kid you not. With that, the anchorpeople ended the segment, having learned of US foreign policy what they had not learned before.