Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"In the House of Islam, you cannot have a principle other than that of the community." What? "House of Islam"? What does that mean? Why not the Mansion or Bungalo of Islam? Are we reverting to 19th century Western lingo here? Which house of Islam are you talking about? Millions of Muslims now live under non-Muslim rule, so such language is obsolete, o wise one. Furthermore, it is not true that "The beheading of the Sudanese journalist Mohamed Taha Mohamed Ahmed in early September was the latest example of community punishment of a journalist/writer." Community punishment? What are you talking about? Many condemned the killing in the Sudan itself. The group that killed the brave journalist was a fanatical Bin Ladenite group, and probably linked to the oppressive government of Bashir. And the man was probably killed not for printing an article about Muhammad, but for consisently attacking Bashir. This is not a "community punishment." Having said all of that, we of course, should aspire to remove all taboos from Muslim, Christian, and Jewish societies, and allow people to attack, mock, ridicule, and criticize religions, prophets, and clerics freely. And if you really want more freedoms in the Middle East, you should be addressing yourself to the Bush administration which is responsible for arming and supporting those oppressive regimes: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.