Sunday, August 27, 2006

US allies in Lebanon, and their alliance with Al-Qa`idah. Sectarianism and Al-Qa`idah: the last refugee of a Lebanese scoundrel. So Ahmad Fatfat has been in trouble for his role and deception in the humiliating fiasco of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces in the barracks of Marji`yun. Today, hoping to bolster his (sectarian) standing, he resorted to meeting with Fathi Yakan (an Islamist extremist), who a few weeks ago sent his salutations to Al-Qa`idah. So Fatfat is now hoping that Al-Qa`idah will keep him in his job. (This same Fatfat was recently hosted in Washington, DC. I bet he did not talk about his Al-Qa`idah supporters in Dinniyyah).