Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today, I watched the head of the Maronite League, Michel Iddi, analyze Israeli affairs on NBN TV. This former minister (and current presidential candidate) is seen as an "expert" on Israeli and Jewish affairs in Lebanon. I once had a fight with him 3 years ago. He was saying during one lunch that we both were guests at that there were no Jewish Americans who died on Sep. 11. I was furious: I told him that this is absolutely rubbish, and that many Jewish Americans died on Sep. 11. He still did not believe me and said that they were all alerted by the Israeli government the day before. So I asked him: Please explain this to me, because you are the first person I meet who believes in this crazy theory. How could the "so-called" 4000 not reveal the information when contacted the night before by the Israeli government? So 4000 kept the secret?