Monday, August 28, 2006

This is funny. When Kofi Annan met with Nabih Birri, he brought up the issue of the two captured Israeli soldiers. Birri told him that he no more is in charge of the negotiations, and that he can bring up the issue in his meeting with Hizbullah minister, Muhammad Fnaysh. But when Annan met with Fnaysh, and brought up the issue of the two Israeli soldiers (which apparently have been keeping Annan awake every night), Fnaysh told him to discuss the issue with Nabih Birri. He said that he is not in charge of that file. By the way, the people of the southern suburbs widely and intensely booed Annan during his 4-minutes visit to the suburbs. And Annan found time to visit the Hariri grave-site, but did not find time to visit the grave-sites of the poor victims of Israeli war on Lebanon.