Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sectarian Dirty Tricks. Did you see Ahmad Fatfat being interrogated on New TV? That was one of the best political TV I have seen. It was about Ahmad Fatfat's role in the humiliating episode at Marji`yun barracks. The commander of the barracks--who does not belong to the Lebanese Army but to the Internal Security Forces which follow Hariri Inc--took orders from Fatfat. After holding the commander for 3 days only (having served tea to the Israeli occupiers and violating Lebanese criminal and military laws on several counts), Fatfat exonerated the commander, and he then said that he referred the matter to Nabih Birri. By referring the matter to Nabih Birri, he knew that nothing would happen because the commander is Sunni and Birri (a Shi`ite) would be reluctant to act. This is the real Lebanese politics where sectarianism clashes with the requirements of justice. That Lebanese state will never emerge.