Sunday, July 23, 2006

Israeli Propaganda Watch. Is anybody keeping track with the lies of Israeli propaganda (which seems to emulate Nasser's propaganda of the 1967 war) in this war? They claimed that they have killed 100 Hizbullah members but failed to provide evidence--wait, maybe the pictures of the incinerated children count as evidence; then they claimed yesterday that they occupied Marun Ar-Ras, only to claim today that they really really really now fully occupy Marun Ar-Ras; and then they claimed a few days ago that they have scores of Hizbullah fighters in captivity, only to claim today that they have two. Which is which, o propagandists of the Israeli war machine? Also, having lived under Israeli occupation in 1982, I am glad to see that the quality of Israeli Orientalism has not improved one bit. In fact, the quality of the Arabic in the propaganda flyers has even gone down.