Monday, July 17, 2006

Israeli gunfire successfully eliminates more enemies of peace (the baby above, by the way, is a notorious opponent of peace in the Middle East. So don't feel sorry for him).

Dear friend, Hanady Salman, an editor at As-Safir in Beirut, sent more pictures (some are above), with the following message:
"Dear all,
Some of these pictures are very strong.I can not confirm reports talking
about the use of unconventional weapons , but for those of you who dare to
look , you will notice the nature of wounds and burns is not very "familiar".
Today the Israeli government said its "operations" will not end before at
least one week. People are afraid the next few days will be worse than the past ones.
They're expecting that as soon as the evacuation of the foreigners will be
completed, the israelis will have a "freer" hand. So , the fleeing was at
its atmost today. The people who were trying to flee the south and managed
to get out of Saida were traped and killed when the Rmayleh bridge was air
bombed. Tyre witnessed more raids and massacres today , but tens of people
are still under the "remains of their former houses"....
Greetings ,
Hanady Salman"