Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Human Rights organizations and the Middle East: The regular case of Human Rights Watch. Having been monitoring the health condition of right-wing Lebanonese lawyer Muhammad Mughrabi for years, Human Rights Watch took some time off to come up with this biased coverage. Judge for yourselves:

"Hezbollah Rocket Attacks on Haifa Designed to Kill Civilians
Anti-personnel Ball Bearings Meant to Harm ÂSoft” Targets

Investigate Attack on Civilians in Lebanon
IDF Must Take Precautions to Protect Civilians Fleeing Areas at Risk"

Notice that in the case of Hizbullah, Human Rights Watch makes a verdict. There is no need to investigate, as they made a decision. And notice that in the case of the party that has killed more civilians, Israel, they leave it open to question. It is merely a matter for "investigation." But then again, Human Rights Watch may be right. I mean, who knows. Maybe the children in Marwahin and `Aytarun and Rumaylah died from Avian flu.