Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blair and Middle East Studies. Today (yesterday), I had a chance to get a glimpse of US TV news coverage, on the way to and from Berkeley, I had access to US TV channels through my satellite radio. CNN is worse than Fox News. In fact, on Fox, their correspondent in Beirut was quite good in talking about Israeli harm to civilians. The anchor was not pleased, and she immediately asked the correspondent in Israel (Jennifer something) to provide some news about the harm to Israeli civilians. She went on to speak about Israeli bombing of civilians in Lebanon. The anchor was not pleased at all, and was not amused, and ended the coverage. CNN's coverage is anchored by the Israeli-American, Wolf Blitzer. I mean this guy started his "journalistic career"--even before serving as a correspondent for the Jerusalem Post--by writing for the publication of the Israeli lobby. But now, he is an objective reporter for CNN. And Brent Sandler can't be taken seriously--he is considered a staffer of Hariri Inc in Lebanon, and now is serving as a cheerleader for Israeli aggression on Lebanon. I mean, just watch him. Is "that" a foreign correspondent? And then I heard Tony Blair calling for Hizbullah to leave South Lebanon? What does that mean? In every village in the Tyre region where I come from, more than 80 % of people are either members or supporters of Hizbullah. So is Blair calling for the expulsion or extermination of 80% of people in South Lebanon? Enlighten us, o blair.