Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yesterday, the Sunni Mufti of Lebanon (a Hariri appointee) blasted the ruling government and accused it of "security terrorism." He said that Sunni detainees have been subjected to torture worse than Abu Graib. That was politically significant. Cracks in the ruling coalition are expanding. Today, typically, An-Nahar newspaper reported that a Lebanese physician was "voted" as the "best doctor" for bone disease in the world, no less. Where else would I find such news. Much to report, but little time. I know, I know. I said that before. But did I tell you about the loofa in Lebanon? Do you want to know? Inquiring minds don't want to know. Will poor people anywhere ever have a TV station to represent them? I will speak about The Bush Doctrine and the Lebanese Laboratory next week in Masrah Al-Madinah at 6:30PM (July 5th). A person in Lebanon who reads my blog was surprised when I told her that I don't write my long rants under drug influence. Are you sure, she seriously asked me?