Friday, June 09, 2006

Those Arab and Muslim organizations in America. I mean, do they speak for any one or anything other than Saudi oil money? Really. I was looking at the program of the ADC convention. It reads like a celebration of FBI and Saudi Arabia combined. Did you not like the recent ADC event when Al-Walid Bin Talal gave them a check and they gave him an award in return. How nice. ADC was bad, and only got worse. In the past, at least Edward Said would be the keynote speaker, and last year a Homeland Security Official gave the keynote, and this year it is none other than the Saudi Ambassador--"former" friend of Bin Laden. And notice that Aramco will get an award, and that "the Friend in government award will go to Daniel Sutherland of the Dept of Homeland Security." How nice. And then, I read the more dumb Muslim Public Affairs Council. They asserted that Zarqawi's death may be a "turning point" for what? And then they politely said: "In its execution of military and intelligence operations, U.S. forces and officials must be sensitive to the impact of Iraqi civilian deaths on our nation's credibility with the Iraqi people and the Muslim masses." You see what they are saying? That the killing of Iraqi civilians--they did not dare use the word killing--is not bad in itself but that it is bad PR for the troops and the glory of Empire. I am more likely to join the National Potato Association than any of the Muslim or Arab American organizations.