Thursday, May 25, 2006

A southern Lebanese woman expresses her feelings toward the state of Israel.
He saw his homeland, Palestine, from the border area in Lebanon.
After Liberation in 2000, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon stormed to the border to see their homeland, Palestine.
(Playing with an Israeli tank, above).
Today, is the `id (Spedial Day) of Liberation in Lebanon; it is called Liberation Day. It commemorates the day when the Israeli Army was humiliatingly and resoundingly kicked out of Lebanon. I know that there are new revisionist accounts of why Israel left. Fouad Ajami (the Zionist Arab, or the neoconservative Arab, as Stephen Walt called him in his latest book) claims that Israel did not withdraw because of the resistance in South Lebanon but because of a pledge made by Ehud Barak during his electoral campaign at the time. But what logic? That begs the question. Why did he make the pledge? Was it not because of the resistance? On this day I can only think of Iyad Mudawwar, a Marxist Lebanese (a Sunni from Beirut): the first person to join the National Resistance Movement back in 1978, after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in that year. But he was killed before reaching his target, literally and figuratively. (thanks to Muhammad Y. for the pictures).