Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yesterday, after a silence of several weeks, Hizbullah and the Amal Movement responded to Walid Jumblat's attacks. But the responses were tepid. The best response to Jumblat was from Anwar Raja, the top PFLP-GC official in Lebanon. But how foolish the PFLP-GC looks when Raja admits (correctly) that his group (and the Fath-Uprising) lost 800 of their members in Jumblat's War of the Mountain in the 1980s. All Palestinian and Lebanese groups (not to mention the Syrian government) that have unconditionally supported Jumblat over the years should feel foolish, except Hariri Inc. Hariri Inc is getting its money's worth. And PFLP-GC was most foolish when Raja admitted that all their fighters fought and died for Jumblat, and then added that the "warm place" for Jumblat is Shimon Peres' lap. So why did PFLP-GC not realize that back then when they were fighting for him? But PFLP-GC takes orders from Syria, and the Syrian regime wanted to support Jumblat. That is damning for Syria and for Ahmad Jibril. And Hizbullah should also feel foolish for trusting Jumblat over the last year, if not before.