Friday, January 27, 2006

Mini-Hariri meets Mini-Bush: Two intellectual giants in one room. I mean, look at those two. Really. Just look at those two. I would love to just listen to those two talk about international affairs. Would you not? I mean, would you not be tempted to just sit in the room and watch them and listen to them as they embarrass themselves, and then suppress strong urges to laugh as you watch those two attempt to engage in an "intelligent" discussion of foreign policy? Would you not want to be there just to mock them, and then to go and tell your friends about witnessing those two discuss foreign policy? I bet they got along. I mean, where else would you find a foreign "leader" who is at the very same, very low, level of George W. Bush? Where else would you find somebody as ignorant of the world and its affairs, and as intellectually uncurious, as those two? And could you imagine how the assembled aides must have felt while watching those two talking? Bush tells us that: "We've just had a very interesting and important discussion about our mutual desire for Lebanon to be free." (thanks Mounzer) I bet it was interesting. You finally found your equal, o George W. Bush. Somebody as intellectually distant and aloof and ill-informed as you are. Yesterday, in one meeting I heard mini-Hariri say that the countries of the West gave, yes gave, billions to Lebanon in Paris II. In reality, Lebanon did not even get 1/5 of a billion. All what Lebanon got were promises and pledges of loans, more loans to be added to the billions of loans that Rafiq Hariri enslaved Lebanon with for years and decades to come. Also, please take a minute to look at the smile on their faces. It speaks volumes.