Sunday, January 15, 2006

I will share this with you. When Jumblat a week or more ago gave an interview to David Ignatius of the Washington Post in which he called on the US to invade Syria, As-Safir put the news on the first page. Jumblat lieutenants attacked As-Safir, and accused it of distorting the interview. Jumblat's chief advisor, and member of parliament, Wa'il Abu Fa`ur, told the press that the account of the Washington Post was not accurate. I sent word to Abu Fa`ur (with my sister Mirvat) that if they are serious about the denial they should deny it in the Washington Post. Abu Fa`ur expressed his thanks for the advise, and said that they would. Of course, Jumblat later reiterated his statement, and the rest was forgotten. This is called transparency and integrity in Lebanonese politics. Sometimes I feel that I would be the Angriest Arab if I lived in Lebanon.