Saturday, January 07, 2006

Flash. Elie Kazan: A PROUD LEBANESE. Fabrications of Lebanese Nationalism. Advocates of Lebanonese Nationalism have always been eager to take credit for things that Lebanon had nothing to do with, and to claim that people (who are wealthy and famous but) who have no links or roots in Lebanon are Lebanese, against their will. I have mentioned to you before how the right-wing Lebanese Forces militia TV station, LBC-TV, runs a short biography of a "famous Lebanese" just before its widely watched evening news broadcast. On previous occasions, it had claimed that people like Frank Zappa and Jack in the Box are Lebanese. Today, I kid you not, they ran a proud segment about "Lebanese director, Elie Kazan." (And they pronounced his last name as Qazan, which is the name of a Lebanese Christian family). In reality, Elie Kazan was born "Elia Kazanjoglous in Istanbul in 1909 to Greek parents". But that is the stuff of Lebanonese nationalism: fabrications, lies, illusions, delusions, and hallucinations.