Thursday, December 08, 2005

One of my favorite reporters, the talented Duha Shams of As-Safir, has a very interesting article about a great Arabic song, titled Btindam (You Shall Regret) by the Aleppo singer Wadad. It is an old song. My late father was not a music fan. He was easily bored with music, more than anybody I knew. He listened to two songs with interst in his entire life, only two: Um Kulthum's Anta `Umri, and Wadad's Btindam. She tells the story of the song.
بتندم.. وحياة عيوني بتندم/ بدك تقهرني؟ طييب! غبلك شي غيبة وجرّب/ ولما بترجع يا حبيّب يا حبيّب شو بدك تندم /يا كويس شو بدك تندم/ بتندم