Friday, December 30, 2005

The Lebanonese Revolution Continues: a human rights organization in Syria announced the death of a Syrian (Kurdish) worker who was killed in Lebanon. His name is Shams Ad-Din Ahmad Mahmud, and his name will be added to the list of tens--nobody really knows how many--of Syrian victims who were murdered by Lebanese "freedom" lovers since the beginning of their Hummus Revolution. He worked at a gas station in Beirut. This is the 2nd murder of a Syrian worker in Lebanon in less than a month. Neither the Lebanese nor the Syrian government have shown any concern over those murders. Police sources said that he was shot three times in the chest, head, and neck (seen above). He left 8 children behind. (His daughter is seen crying above). Police sources will now try to cover up by claiming that the motive was robbery (although a mere $150 were missing). Do you think that Kofi Annan or US State Department spokesperson will mention him? Wait. Spielberg could mention him in the sequel to Munich: he can link him to the attack in Munich.