Saturday, November 26, 2005

Former Iraqi prime minister/Saddam's henchman/embezzler-in-Yemen/car bomber, Iyad `Allawi, is back. You know that `Allawi is running for something by watching and reading the Saudi media. Al-Arabiyya TV has just started running a repetitious supply of Western-produced political ads for `Allawi's parliamentary campaign, while AshSharq Al-Awsat is running what it is calling the "memoir" of Iyad `Allawi, while they are no more than interviews with him on his private plane. In those interviews, `Allawi does what he does best: (aside from spying and terrorizing for Saddam's government) he lies and he fabricates. He tells tall tales of his confrontations with the Americans in Iraq, and how he told Garner that he does not take "order from a US officer", etc. They are quite laughable. But they really show how Saudi Arabia would do anything to please the US, and to save it money. I am sure that some of our taxpayers' money will also go to `Allawi's campaign. Let the House of Saud pay, I say. They insist.