Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Director General of the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon (Ashraf Rifi, a Hariri functionary) replied to the statements of Husam Husam. His statement said that Husam's statements are "mostly untrue." All other Hariri functionaries, including the Lebanese Minister of Interior, have responded to Husam. They all basically said that in effect Husam is a crook, a liar, and a thief but yes, we all have met with him, including the Minister of Interior. Hariri's propaganda has been suffering in recent days. They need a new twist, a new fabrication. This is why Mehlis' mission will be extended, yet again. There is an Arabic film titled: "And the Investigation Continues". As for the Hariri propagandist, "journalist" Farish Khashshan, he responded to Husam's statement by saying that he is a crook and greedy, but that he did meet with him "a few times."