Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Al-Hayat columnist, Jihad Al-Khazin, has the most racist column against the Iraqi puppet Minister of Interior, who is a ruthless and brutal guy, no doubt. So Al-Khazin was offended that Bayan Sulag attacked the Saudi foreign minister who, according to Khazin, is a "prince son of a king, and grandson of a king" as if that would impress anybody except those with potato heads who respect the titles and honors according by Western colonial powers on their client tribes and families. Al-Khazin, who clearly has not read Al-Muqaddimah which talks about the mixture of races and ethnicities after Islam, then velifies Sulaq because his name and origin are not Arab. He assumed that he is Persian, which he is not. The origin of the name Sulag is Hindi, and he is Indian in descent, as if whether he is Indian or Persian or Arab in origin should make any difference.