Thursday, October 27, 2005

Those who love wars: Another deception of the Iraq war. Al-Arabiyya TV aired a hagriographic "documentary" on Shaykh Zayid of UAE. I only watched the 2nd part of it, and it dealt partly with the Iraq war. In it, Abu Dhabi heir apparent, Shaykh Muhammad Bin Zayid, revealed, after a moment of hesitancy, that Saddam Husayn had indeed accepted the Zayid Iraq Peace proposal which would have avoided war, and achieved the resignation of Saddam. Shaykh Muhammad said that he can't elaborate much on the matter, and why it failed. It is obvious that the US, which had blocked the French proposal in August 1990, is also behind the blocking of the Zayid proposal in 2003. Why miss the opportunity to launch two Iraq wars?