Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Karen Hughes is in the Middle East to change Muslim/Arab views of the US. Her visit is successful. How can I tell? Well, as soon as I read that she landed in Egypt, I found myself a changed man. My views of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan have now changed, and now I believe that Arab people should find US bombs over their heads pleasurable and funny. It must be Hughes' visit that changed my views, no? Also, she hailed Saudi "fight against terrorism." But she did not mention Saudi funding and arming of terrorists (with US support) for much of the 1980s and beyond. Also, Bush asked Americans to drive less. As soon as I heard that, I developed a sudden urge to take a car trip to Canada and back, and then to Mexico and back, and then to Maine and back, and then to Mexico and back. I don't know why.