Saturday, July 23, 2005

Why did Layla Khalid lie about Rafiq Hariri? Layla Khalid has given an account of her life of struggle before. She gave an excellent account to the talented journalist Sami Kulayb on AlJazeera's Ziyarah Khassah. But after the death of Rafiq Hariri, she gave a new account of her life to NBN-TV in which she bizarrely claimed that Rafiq Hariri was a comrade of hers, and that he drove her to her hijacking "mission" in 1968. I know that she is lying. The man who drove her to her mission in 1968 was Abu Ghalyum who lives in Sidon now, and who attended my talk last year in Sidon. Rafiq Hariri left Lebanon for Saudi Arabia in 1963, five years before Layla's mission. What did she say, and why? In the NBN-TV interview she tells the story how Rafiq Hariri when he met her last year when she came to Lebanon invited by Hariri's TV, told her: "Labnah sandwitch." The was the code word for the secret PFLP mission of Layla Khalid. But she knew that the explanation was simple; Hariri knew of the code word because Abu Ghalyum, who drove Layla to her mission in 1968, traveled to Saudi Arabia in the 1970s to ask for financial assistance from Rafiq Hariri. There he told his tales to Hariri, including the Labnah sandwich story, and Layla knew that. But to falsely claim that Rafiq Hariri was involved in her PFLP activities was a blatant attempt on her part to ingratiate herself with the Hariri family. Most disappointed. A whole group of people know that Layla Khalid was lying, and I will not repeat the theories about here real motives.