Saturday, February 26, 2005

Recommendations for ultra-Lebanese nationalism (or Lebanese Zionism): at a time of high patriotic jingoism, and some Lebanese have entered that frenzy, the scoundrels of nationalism resort to ritualistic flag-waving. Lebanese flag-waving is at an all time high these days. I have often believed that we should take the "proud" cedar out of the Lebanese flag, although many Lebanese ultra-nationalists are very proud of it. They get so disappointed when I remind them that there are more cedars in Morocco. I have often suggested that an eggplant, or a rotisserie chicken, or a Hummus dish should comfortably sit in the middle of the Lebanese flag, which was inspired by the French colonial flag, and they (the corrupt Lebanese deputies who drew it) added the color of blood for special effect. So instead of wavying the flag, you can then just say "Wave your Hummus" or "Wave your Chicken" or better yet, "Wave your Eggplant."