Monday, February 28, 2005

The Lebanese Army has already split: What has not been reported in the press (not even the Middle East press) is that there are signs of mutiny in the ranks of the Lebanese Army, which was something that the prime minister warned from, and for that he was attacked by the opposition. You see, the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Defense gave orders to the Lebanese Army and the Security Forces to prevent crowds from entering the Martyrs' Square. But many clearly disobeyed the orders. The Lebanese will never unite, and some Lebanese are uniting but only over the outrage over the assassination of Hariri, and they disagree over everything else. And former staunch Syria's client and advocate (Druze feudal warlord Walid Jumblat) again today called on the opposition to avoid "racist" slogans against the Syrian people. I bet that some of those "brave" Lebanese who are beating poor Syrian workers in Lebanon were only yesterday offering to shine the shoes of Syrian intelligence agents in Lebanon. As-Safir newspaper noted today the developments in Lebanon today occurred on the 3rd day of a "mysterious" visit by US deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, David Satterfield. A mere coincidence, of course, as only crazy people believe in conspiracies. There are no conspiracies in the world. The US Empire and all other states operate in the open and under the most transparent conditions.