Tuesday, February 22, 2005

From Chicago airport: I do not mean to ruin your moods, but this occurred to me on the plane. Now according to the official puppet results by the official puppet Iraqi electoral commission, Iraqi puppet prime minister/car bomber/embezzler-in-Yemen/former Saddam henchman, Iyad `Allawi, received some 13. 00 % of the votes, and yet he got some 40 seats of the 275-seat assembly. Who did the math? By the way, I believe that `Allawi, without American money (and mosly likely other forms of "covert support"), he would have scored much less. In fact, the Iraqi puppet and polygamous president (installed by the US), Al-Yawir, received 4 seats, while the fellow that the US considered making PM, Adnan Pachachi, received one seat. American puppets are not doing so well after all, but the Bush's Ayatollahs are doing just fine.