Sunday, January 16, 2005

I have written against this guy, Noah Feldman before. A New York law professor who arrogantly was hired to teach Iraqis about law making, just after the American invasion and occupation. Of course, now he wants to distance himself from the occuapation's problems. I have written before against him: how he had said that people in the Middle East region dont always act rationally, or that he was opposed to the elections in Iraq because "the wrong" people could win (see the introduction or preface of my Saudi Arabia book where I have the full citations--I also have them somewhere in the archives of this site). Here, he claims that Edward Said was opposed to his role with the US occupation apparatus because he is Jewish. That is absolutely not true. Edward Said was opposed to the arrogance of this law professor (no matter what his religion is) who thought that he can teach Iraqis under occupation about law making. (I forgot who sent me this link, but thanks).