Sunday, October 24, 2004

To people around the world, please read and sign this petition in support of academic freedoms. I urge you not because it deals with a close friend of mine (Joseph Massad) but because he is being subjected to a very nasty and sinister campaign by Zionist hoodlums. A sleazy member of Congress from New York has even called on the president of Columbia University to "fire" him. Joseph has written against anti-Semitism and anti-Semites in Arabic and English, and those hoodlums are trying to creat a caricature of Joseph that has no relation to reality. I particularly appeal to my friends and colleagues (students and faculty) at the following colleges: Colorado College, UC, Berkeley, UC Davis, California State University, Stanislaus, UC, Riverside, UCLA, UC, Santa Barbara, USC, UC, San Diego, Stanford University, SFSU, UCSF, UC, Santa Cruz, UC, Irvine, U of Washington, Washington State University, University of Arizona, Arizona State, AUC, Princeton University, University of Maryland, Rutgers University, AUB, LAU, University of Paris, University of Mainz, Upsala University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Durham, University of London, University of Chicago, NYU, Georgetown University, American University, George Washington University, University of Virginia, Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Mills College, University of New Hampshire, Brown University, Harvard University, University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Boston College, Boston University, Duke University, Emory University, University of Florida, University of New Mexico, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, SUNY, CUNY, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth College, St. John University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Modesto Junior College, University of Wisconsin, and everywhere else, to help circulate this petition and to gather as many signatures as we can to help defeat the forces of intimidation and harassment.