Saturday, October 23, 2004

Moustache or no Moustache? When you follow present-day Iraqi political culture, you notice a big rift between "the inside Iraqis" and the "outside Iraqis" who came with US tanks to Iraq. Inside Iraqis seem very insistent on the need for an Iraqi political leadership that comprises individuals who suffered under Saddam's brutal rule and the cruel UN sanctions. They want leaders who stayed inside, and did not sit out the long years of agony and suffering in the fancy hotels of UK and US. I also noticed this: Iraqi men always don moustaches. It is a macho sign of Iraqi men. The Iraqi leaders of the inside all have moustaches, and US puppet Iraqis all have no moustaches (Pachachi, `Allawi, Chalabi, Qanbar, etc). Having read this, `Allawi is now growing a moustache as we speak.