Monday, September 27, 2004

Palestinian victims of Israeli Killings and injuries
According to PCHR’s documentation, Israeli occupying forces and settlers have killed 2233 Palestinians Civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
1285 (57%) were killed in the West Bank (including 40 in occupied East Jerusalem).
948(43%) were killed in the Gaza strip.
493 (20%) were children under age 17.
355(14%) were killed in assassination operations, including at least 137 (39% of the total number of killed in assassinations) bystanders, of whom 40(11%) were children.
246 (10.8%) were on-duty members of PNA security services.
18 were on-duty medical workers, including doctors and paramedics.
42 were killed by Israeli settlers residing in the OPT in violation of international humanitarian law.
7085 Palestinians have been injured since the outbreak of the intifada in the Gaza strip.