Wednesday, June 09, 2004

When in Rome: subvert the Romans, oppose the Romans, and go against the Romans, always.
There is so much racism in Lebanon. At nice restaurants, they now have a woman who sit outside the restrooms to clean them regularly. She is ALWAYS either Sri Lankan or African. I wrote once a piece on Sri Lankan maids in Lebanon; it will be coming out in a book on Women and Human Rights. Just heard this guy at the Internet cafe where I am say this: "I have nothing against Gay people; I am just disgusted by them, that is all." There is so much income inequality in Lebanon largely due to the programs of the disgusting Prime Minister billionaire Rafic Hariri--this is funny, as I just realized that I am looking at his massive palace through the glass window. More on that dude later. ME and US are the areas with the most income inequality worldwide; China is catching up soon due to capitalist "reforms." There is also so much racism in Lebanon against the poor and impoverished Syrian workers. When I criticize the Lebanese, by the way, I am referring to Upper Class Lebanese who--like in every society--are responsible for the dissemination of values, mores, and ideas in the larger society. Anti-Americanism in the Middle East is a complicated issue. You do not really encounter racist blanket hatred of all Americans here, much to the dismay of Bin Laden kooks. Last night, I saw in the downtown area of Beirut where it is very crowded around mid-night, a Lebanese man walking with an American flag shirt. Nobody even noticed. Another guy had a T-Shirt which had "CIA" on the back. Kid you not. Nobody noticed. There is however widespread detestation of Bush and for American wars around the world. I asked my 13-year old nephew about the political views of his classmates, and he said: "Of course, everybody is opposed to the US." They distinguish here between their fierce opposition to US government and wars, and between the American people, culture, etc.