Wednesday, June 23, 2004

This is from a message from my friend Tara: "...She had just received an e-mail from her sister living in Jerusalem. Land is being confiscated from her sister to build the Wall. The confiscation will take the entirety of her sister?s backyard. In addition, land is being confiscated from her father?s property, land that her brother is now inhabiting in the hopes of being able to keep it, from the Wall. Her father died several years ago. For the family, however, this confiscation is like a loosing him all over again. In spite of owning her own home, N's sister recently rented a house in Jerusalem across the street from her mother so that the Wall would not separate the family. It has now been announced that the Wall will run down the middle of the street, once again separating mother and daughter. In her e-mail, she insists that N, as an American citizen, can appeal to the US government to make the Israel stop. If only her sister understood the reality here."