Monday, June 07, 2004

posting this frm London airport:
I know why the British Empire collapsed. They could not build an airport worthy of an Empire. This is one of the lousiest, filthiest, most uncomfortable, technologically backward, unmodernized, and most unventilated airports there are. I pass through it some 5 or 6 times a year and I hate it. The smallest airport in the smallest town in US is better than this one. Before I departed to airport, I ran into a propaganda buss operated by leftist MP George Golloway. He was campaigning on Edgeware rd (an Arab/Muslim area) for the EU parliamentary election. I cannot stand this demagogue. Now I do not know whether he was paid by Saddam or not, but he has never met any Arab dictator (including Saddam) that he did not like or champion. The notion that Arabs should support him because he is married to a Palestinian is like saying that one should support George W. because he likes cheeseburgers.