Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Most Arabic newspapers I saw today mocked the "transfer of authority." Only the pro-Saudi/pro-US newspaper AlHayat had the headline "Iraq turn over the page of occupation." The New TV evening newscast yesterday led with "Bremer fled Iraq." Cartoonists are having a field day with the "transfer of authority." The cab driver who dropped me off here subjected me to his theories of world affairs. He believes that the prime minister of Lebanon is an active member of a masonic conspiracy. ANNahar newspaper reported that Chalabi has relocated to Kurdistan, fearing for his life, although he was in Baghdad yesterday (does anybody have the picture of carbomber Allawi embracing international embezzler Chalabi?) Thanks for those who forwarded to me Nayif's interview with Le Figaro and Wolfowitz statement. I shall post when I have time. Will be giving my last talk here in Tyre on Thursday. Was asked to write a review of Moore's film upon return. Leftist media have two major flaws: 1) humorlosness; 2) inclinations toward conspiracy theories. Moore is guilty only of 2.