Monday, June 28, 2004

I have much to say but little time. Can somebody find me the link for Wolfowitz's talk before congress from last week? and Prince Nayif's interview with Le Figaro? What a mess and a sad joke in Iraq. Even the "transfer" of authority was out of control of US. US feared an explosion of explosions in Iraq on that day, a "carnival of blood" as Lebanese editor Talal Salman wrote today (and he is opposed to Wahhabi terrorism and to US occupation). Are we supposed to celebrate that a car bomber and former Saddam's assassin is appointed as puppet prime minister? Aside from car bombers, who will greet such bloody appointment? An Iraqi university professor (who is about to establish a political party there) recognized me yesterday in the hotel lobby, and said nice things about my utterances on Iraq. We agreed on meeting this week before my departure to London on Sunday. Will report to you my findings.