Tuesday, June 08, 2004

From Beirut: Somebody has to provide the link for the latest article in the New Yorker by Jane Meyer on Ahmad Crook Chalabi. It is probably the most definitve article on the topic yet. What is of original significance, is the new information on NYTimes' Patrick Tyler hiring of Chalabi's neice WHILE she was working for Chalabi. On the day of my arrival to Lebanon, Israel bombed an area south of Beirut. I grew up, since I can remember, with Israel bombing Lebanon. If I carry a camera with me, I would--I should--post pictures of my grandfather's house in Tyre (one of the most ancient historic houses, in one of the most beautiful spots in the city, at the spot where Alexander the Great ostensibly tried to penetrate Tyre) which was destroyed by Israeli bombings in 1982. It stands as a reminder of what Zionism has meant for not only Palestinians, but for other Arabs too, like myself. There is also an old article from a January New Yorker I read about White House manipulation of the press corps.