Monday, May 17, 2004

Rev. Billy Graham (Syrian intellectual Sadiq Jalal Al-`Adhm calls him Ayatollah Billy Graham) fell over the weekend, and he subsequently released a statement to the press saying that "he was resting comfortably." Is the expression "resting comfortably" not redundant? Can one rest "uncomfortably"? And do the American masses really care to know whether the esteemed Rev. Graham, who never met an American war that he did not bless, and who used to sit with Richard Nixon and engage in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (read Haldeman's diary in the DC-Rom version of the book), and who was banned from the White House by Harry Truman because he told the press details of how he prayed with Truman, is "resting comfortably"? I am now resting uncomfortably, in case you need to know.