Saturday, May 29, 2004

I shall update when I arrive home later tonight. You cannot walk without bumping into a WWII in DC. War, war, war, and more glorification war. And Tom Hanks who passes as an actor in US, and Tom Brokaw, who passes as a journalist in US, are on hand. You have to give credit to this nation: there is a commemoration of WWII, while wars are being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and John Kerry is going around telling us (to the tune of 34 times a day) how much he loves telling us about his Vietnam war experience. My friend Mary told me yesterday: that she used to find the naivete of her fellow Americans cute and charming, but that she now finds it dangerous. A new survey shows that prayer is by far the most favorite "alternative medicine" by Americans. Please, dont pray for me...Micronesia.