Monday, May 17, 2004

I have received tons of complaints by visitors and friends about the comments' section. Many are urging me to close it down entirely. Is it naive on my part to urge people to express their views without vulgarities, obscenities, bigotry, and death threats against one another? Let me know what you think. As I do not want to play a role in banning people from comments' section, I was thinking if it is feasible if offenders can be banned if one offensive comment is followed by 10 (different) readers's protest, if you know what I mean? (But based on the few comments to this, I should hasten to add that I am more on the side of those who wish that I keep it as it is, as disgusting as some of the comments have become--from opposite sides, I should say). (Also, due to technical errors, some people may have had problems getting into the comments' section. Just let me know.)