Saturday, May 15, 2004

I detest the New York Times. Yet, I read it daily--as a homework--(and even save copies when I am traveling) but only to know what the US government is up to. I often yell out Arabic obscentities when I read it. I get angry at their ignorance and at their biases. Take today. There is a picture on the 1st page of an American soldier inside a mosque (he is "guarding" the mosque says the Times), and above the door "three Muslim saints are pictured," says the Times. In fact, you can easily know that one man (`Ali Bin Abi Talib) is in the three pictures. I do not like that picture of `Ali: he looks like the European Jesus in it. Inside the paper, there is yet another picture of an Israeli funeral for one Israeli soldier. This is how propaganda is planted in readers' minds.