Saturday, May 22, 2004

From Lebanese poet Amin Rihani's poem Revolution (my translation):
"...It is Revolution and its awesome frowning day
Brigades wave as windflowers. Inciting those who are far,
bightening those who are near.
Drums repeat the echoes of a bizarre hymn
horns call on whomever is within earshot
and the eyes of people throw flames
And fires ask for more
And a sword that responds. And awe that greys
Woe then to the oppressors,
woe to them from mean rebels
From stubborn seekers of righteousness
Woe to those with false safety
Woe to the oppressors
It is Revolution and its barefooted sons
And its tough manly boys
And its proud strong men
And its tigresses women
And its eloquent male and female orators
And its mutinying male and female leaders
Woe then to the oppressors
Warn them of chains and flames
Of bombs exploding and difficult day
A day when they do not order or lead
And they do not get freed and they flee
Woe then to the oppressors."