Monday, May 31, 2004

Brenda has written the following poem culled together with words from the comments' section of this site:
-taken from comments on a politically charged blog

Somehow the suffering and death
and all their fat American asses
hurt your feelings
if there is a country
we are being locked up
hard to find good
destruction, war and hatred
America is much more
than the government
it thrives
rich and poor
many languages
attack things
drop bombs
this nonsense
Fuck your hate.
You're an idiot
I don't know
feed people
force for good
makes you feel better
around the world
before you speak
the face of the earth
Greatest place
what I love
I am a human being
and the planet is my home,
and the human family
is my people
all people include
good and bad
Here's an opportunity
for people to behave
like human beings
the god of the world.