Tuesday, April 27, 2004

American patriots should celebrate. Begin organizing the parades. Make sure you display large images of destruction and killing in Fallujah. You may use the caption: "Muslim Fags (or Faggots) take this." You know that your celebrated Top Guns wrote this very phrase on many of the missiles on fighter jets before embarking on bombing missions in Afghanistan during that celebrated war of revenge that was supported by 93 % of Americans. How patriotic of you. You know that Afghanistan did not have many bombing targets--mostly villages, as Rumsfeld complained. But yet you managed by the end of March of 2002 to drop some 22,400 bombs and missiles over Afghanistan (and only 25 % percent missed their targets according to US Central Command figures). That is wonderful of course. Because in the 1991 war in Iraq, 70 % of the 88000 tons of bombs and missiles dropped on Iraq missed their targets (according to Rick Atkinson's Crusade--don't worry; he is no lefty. He is a fellow patriotic Washington Post reporter. There are no figures I can cite for this war. We don't' have them. American patriots can now be proud of their boys (you never celebrate the girls--I notice); the more than 130,000 troops in Iraq are participating in the campaign against the city of 300,000 people: Fallujah. What a resounding victory you will have. That was the lesson of Vietnam for you, no? Not that foreign occupation and colonization do not work. But that more firepower was needed. After all, a mere 3 million Vietnamese were killed. This time, you shall spare no effort. Turn on the TV screen. Watch American gunships pound the shit out of Fallujah live. It must be exciting for you. There are some hundreds of insurgents--call them terrorists or satanic creatures--. After Sep. 11, all manners of killing become acceptable once you invoke the presence of Arab/Muslim terrorists. After the war in Iraq, the US first called foreign fighters terrorists. Now, all of them are terrorists: the Sunni rebels are terrorists, the followers of Muqtada As-Sadr are terrorists, and whoever rejects the occupation of his/her country is a damned terrorist. American patriots still want more revenge. The thousands of innocent lives in Afghanistan and Iraq are not enough. American patriots want more Arab/Muslim blood. This will help promote the myth that once we kill those terrorists, maybe then, only then, the US forces will finally be showered with flowers and tiramissu. That will happen, if only you stay patient and do not get squeamish no matter how many Iraqi civilians are killed. Those are poor Arabs after all. They dress funny, and their men favor moustaches, and their women sometimes veil. How can American patriots identify with them. Tune in, and watch the Fallujah carnage. It will not end your mess in Iraq, but it is a great moment of enthusiasm for you, to quote Karl Marx. I in fact heard many American patriots on US "news" channels yesterday getting frustrated over the delay of the Fallujah "battle." They were worried that it may not come. While I do not want to take away from your celebration, I want you to remember another quote by Karl Marx when he observed that the weight of dead generations weighs heavily on the living.