Friday, March 26, 2004

Al-Jazeera Arabic website is reporting about the forgotten female prisoners in US jails in Iraq. Now the US, of course, has liberated Iraqis, notwithstanding the thousands of civilians killed, and the other thousands behind bars. It is, you see, a special kind of liberation, that may not be that great for your health, liberty, or safety. But Bush is making progress nevertheless. Just give me a century or two to fix the place up. There are more than 1300 female prisoners in US jails; most of whom are guilty of being married to, or sister of, Iraqi men "suspected" by US occupation of misdeeds. There are 625 female prisoners in Rusafah prison, and 750 in Al-Kadhimiyyah prison. The ages of the prisoners range from 12 to women in their sixties. They are not given the right to hire lawyers, and nobody is allowed to defend them or follow-up their cases, according to the article. There are also men who sit behind bars because their family members are wanted by US occupation. The occupation has more than 10 known prisons, and some 5 "secret" prisons in the country. All that is essential for the cause of "Enduring freedom." The only thing that I see endures in Iraq is the suffering of the Iraqi people. As Iraqi people often chant, "Neither Bush, Nor Saddam." (Nor Kerry, I might add).