Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Was it not an amazing scene yesterday, during the state of the union speech, when none other than Ahmad Chalabi--yes, the famous international embezzler, was seated as an honored guest in the special balcony? What does that say about the Bush's Middle East policy? And this week's Newsweek is reporting that this embezzler is strongly urging the US to oppose elections. It makes sense. Aside from the tons of bodyguards who protect him from ordinary Iraqis, nobody would vote for him in elections. The US, aware of the reality of their stooges, agrees. This is called foreign policy vision. And on the State of the Union speech: notice that the war on Iraq is no more a war on Iraq (as it was last year): but it has been submerged in the larger "war on terrorism." He did not mention that no WMDs were found; but he talked about evidence of "program activities." Program Activities? What are program activities? Programs are things you put on paper, how could they have activities? And that is what they found. Paper documents which the Iraqis surrendered even before the war. Unless those papers were moving, dancing, and negotiating with terrorists. And do not be surprised if those activity-prone papers were found, you guessed it again, in Saddam's magical briefcase. Oh, I forgot the link to the Newsweek article.