Sunday, January 18, 2004

A new US media favorite: US media love a Muslim who attacks Islam. But they only love those who criticize only Islam, but not other religions. I would promote anybody who attacks all religions, every single religion. And let us face it: how much courage does it take to attack Islam in US or Canada? And will the media promote somebody who attacks, say Judaism or Christianity? Will Washington Post or Fox News feature a Christian or a Jewish person who just wants to air attacks on Christianity or Judaism? Hardly. She also raises a question (Fox News loved that, and invited her to say on the air): "Who is the real colonizer of Muslims -- America or Arabia?" I do not know what that means. Does she mean that "Arabian" armies are now occupying Iraq? And please tell her that the term Arabia is not used anymore. And as far as homosexual rights are concerned, the Old Testament is certainly the most homophoebic "holy" text there is. And anybody who wants to achieve full equality, at all levels of society, you have to see seeds of oppression in ALL religions. Another article about her.