Saturday, January 24, 2004

I take what I had said about the New York Times back. I have said and implied that the New York Times, also known as New York Lies (and it rhymes), is hostile to the Palestinian people. That is no more accurate because there is strong evidence that there is indeed ONE PALESTINIAN who is very much liked by the newspaper. Adel Hussein is LOVED by the New York Times. You see: his ex-wife is an Israeli Jewish woman who lives in Israel, and his son is a combat soldier in the Israeli army. This has really changed the mind of the New York Times and led it to make an exception for its detestation of the Palestinian people as a whole. In fact, when Adel Hussein had the flu last month, the editorial board held a special meeting to discuss his sudden illness. You have to read the long laudatory story of Adel Hussein on Nov. 9th in the paper. It was written as a sob story, and is being remade into a soap Opera, tentatively titled: "All my Israelis."