Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Arabic newspapers have reported today about a new phenomenon in Iraq: that the US occupation authority and its Iraqi puppets have been organizing public spectacles whereby former members of the Ba`th party would be ushered into a room or hall, offered refreshment and beverages, and made to swear by God (or a god) repudiation of the Ba`th party and its principles. Even the conservative, pro-American Al-Hayat newspaper could not miss the irony of that. That was what Saddam used to do in the 1960s (or Stalin in the 1930s), when he would force Iraqis to publicly repudiate parties and ideologies that he rejected. And does the US colonial authority really think that such spectacles amount to sincere declarations of position, or a way for former Ba`thists to seek employment opportunities with the government? The US was planning (before the war of course) to showcase Iraq as a model for all other Arabs and Muslims. I now sincerely believe that many Arabs living under repressive rule (like in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, etc) would prefer to live under those lousy governments than to have the bloody chaos, and the American-designed anti-democratic caucuses--what an inaccurate name--these are not like the Iowa caucuses, in present-day Iraq. The US American Forces Information Services (thanks Shirin) have posted an item about that, but their story is deceptive and inaccurate.